Monday, 12 December 2011

Typography - Designing the zine using InDesign

After drawing up some designs onto our sketchbooks, we had to create our personal zine via InDesign. This included a front page and a double page spread, each page being in A4 size. I've been experimenting with typefaces and colours and came up with a couple of zine designs. This is the one I was least happy with.

It seemed too dull for attracting teenagers but it did look pretty professional. The text size in my opinion is possibly a bit too big and maybe needed more colour.

I have then created another copy with a different layout and style with a front page included. This will be my final piece.

Typography - Designing the zine using InDesign

I was set a task which was to create a 2 page A4 zine about anything on the Black Country and to make sure it appeals to teenagers. I chose to make a zine about Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club and their history etcetera. I've completed the thumbnails on my sketchbook and decided to make some of those designs on InDesign.

By practicing on layouts, colours and text, we were given a draft called "Hello and Welcome" and had to edit the features of the document into something more interesting and with more character. This is my ending result...

I am really happy with the way it's turned out. It looks professional and may appeal to the same age audience as myself.